Why increase testosterone with dietary supplements?

Why increase testosterone with dietary supplements?

Testosterone is a hormone that we hear a lot about bodybuilding. Many practitioners are trying to increase their testosterone levels naturally. But what exactly is this hormone used in the very specific context of bodybuilding? And why need to boost testosterone booster? This is what we will explain in this article.

One word, however, before we begin: we are talking here only about legal food supplements. In no case do we support steroid injection which can have devastating and irreversible effects for your body never forget it.

What is the use of testosterone in bodybuilding?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone. It is produced naturally by the human body. Every day, men produce between 5 and 10 mg on average, while women secrete a quantity ten times lower. In bodybuilding, the presence of testosterone brings many benefits. Indeed, it contributes to:

  • activate the synthesis of proteins , which contributes to the creation of muscle mass;
  • block the storage of fat in too large quantities;
  • increase the number of receptors involved in burning fat;
  • increase blood flow to the heart , which improves cardio abilities.

Testosterone also has other effects on the body, including the proper functioning of cognitive functions, maintenance of bone density, hair growth and skin health. In men, testosterone also helps maintain good sexual health.

In addition to this, the chemical reactions caused by the presence of testosterone in the body help to develop more muscles and more strength.

Why try to increase testosterone with dietary supplements?

If testosterone is a hormone naturally produced by the body, why try to boost it? As we have just mentioned, testosterone can build muscle mass faster and limit fat storage while promoting their consumption. These characteristics are particularly interesting in bodybuilding, when one seeks to develop his muscles while limiting the intake of fat.

In addition, although it is impossible to significantly exceed natural testosterone production levels with supplements, they may prove useful in cases where the body would not be able to produce these natural optimal levels itself. And believe us, this does not only happen to older men.

Indeed, the creation of testosterone can be affected by many factors. These include stress, fatigue, pollution, endocrine disruptors or some dietary deficiencies. At the rate that the majority of us are currently living, it is therefore very easy to suffer from a small testosterone deficiency without even noticing it.

Therefore, boosting your natural testosterone production through dietary supplements can enable the user to achieve the desired results faster and more optimally.

Which supplements to use?

Now that we know why it’s worth boosting testosterone with supplements, let’s take a closer look at the supplements in question. Which ones to choose, and in what quantity?

Most supplements that can promote the natural production of testosterone are composed of plants, amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is naturally produced by the skin in the presence of sunlight. It has already been scientifically proven that vitamin D promotes the creation of testosterone. Because of this, and especially during the winter months when the days are shorter, do not hesitate to take vitamin D supplement in the form of vitamin D3.

Aspartic acid

Aspartic acid is an amino acid naturally present in the testes that participates in the conversion of cholesterol to testosterone. Taking it as a dietary supplement would boost this conversion process and, in turn, produce more testosterone.


Zinc deficiency can often be the cause of low testosterone production. Although it is not known exactly how zinc causes a drop in the rate of creation of this hormone, the link between the two has been made.

Tribulus and other plants

Several plants are known to boost testosterone production. This is why some, such as ginger or tongkat ali, are sometimes called aphrodisiacs. The most famous of them for bodybuilding is tribulus which is considered the best natural testosterone booster. It is used both for muscle gain and to improve libido for decades by a large number of bodybuilding practitioners.