Trends hairstyles of the hour

Trends hairstyles of the hour

Trends hairstyles of the hour

In failure of capillary inspiration? Great classics, like the braid and the ponytail, have undergone a makeover and come back in strength. Here are the five hairstyles to adopt this season!

The tribal braid

The braid is needed on the fashion gateways for a few seasons already. For the fall period, the models had a warrior look.

Of tribal inspiration, the braids were positioned on the top of the head, in low and loose ponytail or on the entire skull. On a daily basis, she saves the day when the shampoo step is procrastinated. Simply braid a low ponytail, and pull the strands for a beautifully messy look.


Abandoned the previous seasons, the fringe is back in force. She wears different sauces: long and separated in the middle for a 70’s look, with a square cut or very frank with a pixie cut.

100% natural hair

Do not want to spend long minutes styling yourself in the morning? This trend is for you! The natural stylings make a marked return. Vague ripples, soft and vaporous loops are therefore welcome. If you naturally frieze, apply only a care that will enhance your curls. For others, roughly curl the hair, apply a texturizing treatment and undo the curls to the fingers for a cleverly disheveled look.


The ponytail is still queen. On the catwalks, she was seen ultra-licked, skillfully disheveled, then low and slightly waved. We even saw it licked in the top and ultra crimped at the base! Do not hesitate to enjoy yourself and wear it as you see fit.

The headband

The hair accessory of the hour? The headband, which inevitably adds an original touch to your hairstyle. He even saves the bet during bad hair days. Adopt it minimalist or extravagant version