Minoxidil for hair: fighting baldness at the heart of the problem

Minoxidil for hair: fighting baldness at the heart of the problem

Baldness is a common problem for many men. Indeed, being transmitted by genes, baldness is guaranteed to persist in time, at least until no genetic intervention will get rid of it. Very often, a feeling of frustration, hopelessness and jealousy, all intermingled, begins to appear. You have the impression that there are holes in your skull, you lose confidence in yourself, you feel old. And when we talk to colleagues or friends, all have the same answer: oh that, if there was a solution to baldness, it would be known!

If there is indeed no little miracle pill that will allow you to get rid of one blow of baldness, there are however particularly effective treatments in the long term. It is with this in mind that we present you today Minoxidil, a drug particularly recognized in the fight against baldness. It also has an effect on your hair in general with a stimulating action, which can be interesting if you want to wear a beard, but it does not grow as you wish.


What is Minoxidil?

10% Minoxidil is a well-known product whose results against baldness are well established. Indeed, if you go to a dermatologist to find an answer to your question, it will certainly guide you to Minoxidil. It was said at the beginning of the page: Minoxidil is not a pill that will make your baldness disappear. Since the current state of science does not directly address the cause of the problem, Minoxidil decides to work around it. It will strongly stimulate your scalp, and thanks to its components chosen with great care, it will provide a clear and effective solution to your baldness problem. The only counterpart is that this is a life-long treatment, since the action disappears after a while if it is not maintained.

Without going into the details of the operation of this drug, it acts as a vasodilator that will allow to bring a much stronger irrigation in your scalp. You will find two versions of Minoxidil: one accessible at 2%, the other at 5%. It goes without saying that the second is, of course, the most effective, and will allow you to observe a spectacular hair regrowth.

Minoxidil is like a spray or a mousse that is just applied to the hair: as a result, these can appear fat at times, especially at the beginning of treatment. An important clarification on this medicine: even though it is supposed to regrow hair, it is possible that you lose hair at the beginning of treatment. Do not panic ! In fact, since the drug fundamentally improves the volume of blood flow to the scalp, the regrowth process is accelerated, so the scalp first gets rid of its dead hair before allowing the new ones to grow.

Composition of Minoxidil 2% and 15%

Whether you choose Minoxidil 5 and 15%, whether to grow your beard or improve your hair growth, know that all the components of Minoxidil have been specifically chosen to promote an effective and fast action, with results appearing at the end 3 months. The components are shown in the table below.

·         Nettle extract
·         Cabbage and berry extract
·         Nettle extract
·         Iodine
·         Zinc
·         Folate
·         Biotin
·         Copper
·         Niacin
·         Propylene glycol
·         Vitamin B6
·         Beta Sitosterol
·         Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5-based)
·         Leaf extract from jaborandi
·         Ginseng extract
·         Taurine

Use and dosage of Minoxidil for total effectiveness

Minoxidil has been designed to be easy to use, and now it’s easy to see why the reviews of Minoxidil’s results are so positive! With the help of the pipette, you will only have to put a few drops of the product on your scalp. Your hair will then undergo real growth through the action of the drug. If you want a faster and more effective complementary action, know that you can buy Propecia in addition (this is another molecule with an effective action against baldness).

When you take this product, know that it is to apply only on your scalp and in no case elsewhere. As we have seen, the components were made specifically for men, but also for the scalp only. In addition, you may be exposed to increased side effects.

In the same way, know that Minoxidil has contraindications. You are not advised to use this product if you are affected by any of the following situations:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You have already had lesions on your scalp;
  • You have had heart disease
  • You are under the age of 18 or over 65;
  • You take a treatment that makes you lose your hair;
  • You have a dermatological problem of any order to your scalp.