How to improve your IQ

How to improve your IQ

How to improve your IQ, the secrets to develop intelligence.

The IQ refers to a subject’s cognitive activity. It can be calculated through a specific free IQ test, divided into three parts that measure: the linguistic capacity, the visual-space and the mathematical one. The result obtained from the average of these three parts determines the IQ.

The data concerns the degree of reception of complex concepts and the resolution of problems of various kinds.

Contrary to what was thought in the past, there is the possibility of enhancing one’s intellectual quotient at any age.

Tricks to become smarter.

Until a few years ago, a person’s intelligence was believed to remain stable from childhood to adulthood, but it is not.

Research conducted at the University College of London states that IQ can grow by 21 points, or even drop by 18 points.

Therefore, new synapses and neurotransmitters can be developed, but how to do it?

There are various methods to keep your brain healthy.  One of these is nutrition, which not only guarantees brain health but also preserves good physical condition.

The consumption of foods typical of the Mediterranean diet rich in vitamins and proteins, increases the production of new neurons.

Also making new experiences coming out of one’s comfort zone is a valid method to activate neural networks and store new information.

Granting yourself the right hours of rest as everyone knows, is another method that allows you to optimize concentration and memory.

Practicing logic or skill games stimulates the brain. They are a classic example of crosswords or chess, which enhance our capacity for logical reasoning.

Meditation like physical activity would promote blood flow to the brain, improving our cognitive potential.

Performing all these practices guarantees the development of intelligence, after all they are recommended activities to live a healthy life.

Let us then dedicate ourselves to the care of our brains.
By doing all this, the possibility of the appearance of serious degenerations such as senile dementia will decrease considerably through constant mental training.