Benefits of massage in babies and children

Benefits of massage in babies and children

The children’s massage is very old! In some cultures, the massages of babies and children have become a tradition that is transmitted from generation to generation by the benefits obtained from this practice. The tradition of infant massage is deeply rooted in the East, two good examples being India and China.

In India they massage the naked body of the baby with temperate vegetable oils, always keeping the mother close. In the traditional medicine hospitals of China, they are given massages, which they call Tuina infantil, to treat different pathologies such as fever, vomiting, etc. of the kids. In China they include in the programs of the infantile schools the practice of infantile massages where the children are the ones who apply the massages.

We wanted to rescue this tradition to tell you the importance of getting massages for the little ones. And it is that giving a small massage more or less continuously helps your correct physical and mental development. The health of the baby or child will improve substantially, the nervous system is stimulated, the massages cause relaxation and fill them with positivism and confidence.

In addition, when they are applied, they nourish them emotionally through the skin and stimulate their senses, which improves the bond established between the child and his parents.  Massage benefits both the child and the parents who give it!


  • Liberation: both physically (helps with colic, constipation, gas, physical stress, etc.) and emotionally, for example, with the excess of stimuli and therefore the disorganization of the nervous system.
  • Relaxation: it helps the child to relax and not suffer stress, as the stress hormones are reduced and relaxants increase. With this, sleep patterns improve as stress is reduced along with the reduction of hypersensitivity and hyperactivity, which leads to a “positive rest”.
  • Interaction: favors the creation of much closer links with the people who give them the massages. Greater and better communication is generated, individual attention, participation of all the senses, imitate and empathize much better.
  • Development and muscle tone: the massages are stimulants of the muscular development of the legs and the arms so that it does not have any problem of mobility since it favors toning and relaxation.
  • Neural connections: the process of myelination is enhanced and this causes a better development of neuronal connections.
  • Other benefits: improves sensory integration, body awareness, stimulation of the endocrine, immune, lymphatic and vestibular systems. And it also regularizes and greatly helps the functions of the circulatory, digestive and respiratory systems.


For the person who gives the massage it is also very positive because of the relationship and the very close bond that is created with the baby or child. Getting in touch with him through the massage helps to understand him much better, to know closely the signals he gives and that many times we do not know how to interpret properly.

This builds confidence, increases self-esteem and improves attachment and the skills of parents and educators.