8 tips to reduce your health expenses

8 tips to reduce your health expenses

Your health expenses are higher and higher? There are however solutions to lighten your health budget! From free medical treatments to generic drugs to well-known prices, here are 8 tips recommended by Prescription Hope to get your budget back into shape.

1. Report your attending physician to your health insurance fund. 

You benefit from a better refund
For a 25 € consultation with a general practitioner:  
– If it is your declared doctor, the Health Insurance reimburses you 70% of the reimbursement base, minus 1 € for the fixed participation. Your mutual takes care of the remaining 7.50 €. 
– In the opposite case, the Health Insurance reimburses you only 30% of the reimbursement base, minus € 1 for the fixed participation. Your mutual insurance company bears 30% of the reimbursement base. It remains 11 € at your expense.

2. Respect the coordinated care path. 

If you want to consult a specialist, go first to your doctor who will refer you to a doctor. You will then be refunded at full rate. In the opposite case, penalties are applied on the reimbursements of the Health Insurance but also on those of your mutual for the possible overruns of fees. 
However, some specialists can be consulted directly, e.g gynecologists, ophthalmologists, stomatologists and for young people from 16 to 25 years old, psychiatrists and neuropsychiatrists. 

3. Opt for a doctor who practices conventional rates.

Unlike Area 2 physicians, they cannot apply overtime fees.  
If you visit an Area 2 Physician, Health Insurance reimburses you for 70% of the reimbursement base (as for an Area 1 Physician). But the price of the consultation being higher, your dependent rest is higher. 

4. Choose generic drugs. 

Unless it is stated on your order “do not substitute”. They are on average 30% cheaper than brand name drugs. If you decide to take the branded drug, however, the pharmacist will not practice the third-party payment and you will advance costs. You will then be reimbursed by the Health Insurance and by your mutual but on the basis of the flat rate of liability and not on the actual price of the branded medicine.

To be refunded, you will need to send to your health insurance fund, the care sheet established by the pharmacist, then the count to your mutual.

5. Take advantage of check-ups, screenings and free vaccinations. 

On the website of the Health Insurance, you will find all the free actions of prevention and screening.

There are also days dedicated to certain pathologies such as World Skin Cancer Day, which offers free diagnoses. 

6. Reduce your health expenses by regularly consulting your practitioners.

By following the saying “prevention is better than cure” you will avoid big bills. For example, it is better to go regularly to the dentist to avoid “big jobs”. The treatment of a caries costs about 17 € while the laying of a dental crown is about 600 €. Think about it. 

7. Take advantage of the network of practitioners proposed by your mutual. 

Thanks to these health professionals partners (dentists, opticians, hearing care professionals), you benefit from quality care at negotiated rates.

8. Negotiate rates with some specialists. 

Physicians who exceed fees can adjust their consultation fees to your budget. Do not hesitate to inquire about the rates charged in your area beforehand. Your mutual can help you.