5 resolutions easy to hold in 2018

5 resolutions easy to hold in 2018

5 resolutions easy to hold in 2018

May one who has never made good resolutions in the New Year raise your hand! But who managed to really hold them to the end? Unfortunately, we choose some that are too difficult to maintain in the long term. Here are 5   easy resolutions to take in 2018.

1. 10 minutes of sport per day

One of the most popular resolutions is to play sports. And, yes, it’s an excellent resolution. The problem is that sometimes we want to do too much, especially if we start. We then set unattainable goals, it is imperative to go to the gym 5 times a week all year, to run a marathon in three months … The result is implacable: the good resolution taken in January will fly in February or March.

If you set a more reasonable resolution, it should be easier. Do 10 minutes of sport a day (brisk walking, exercises to do at home …) or go at least once to the gym per week. Start small, and once comfortable you can increase the dose and with a little perseverance, your good resolution will be not only reached,

2. Disconnect from social networks one hour a day

Even if we are not a geek, most of us spend a lot (too much) of time on social networks that we consult abundantly, several times a day, even an hour. If you want to get on with virtual consumption, instead of imposing an unrealistic cut of one, two or three days a week, go for something more reasonable like an hour a day or two.

Shut down the computer and try to enjoy the real world. It passes quickly two hours you will see. And the real world advantage is that there is not only a little blue bird, but hundreds of birds in a thousand colors.

3. Read a book a month in 2018

Reading is not only an incredible pleasure, but it is also a pleasant way to muscularize your imagination, your curiosity, to enrich yourself intellectually. If you are not a great reader, or even someone who never reads, do not take a resolution like “I’m going to read a novel, a biography and an essay every week in 2018”.

Chances are you do not keep up. Reading is a bit like a muscle, you have to train it gradually. Opt instead for a book a month for example.

4. Watch TV shows in moderation

The explosion of TV series in recent years (thank you Netflix) has caused a new phenomenon: addictive over consumption, we call it binge-watching in English or bulimic viewing. We do not watch a single episode of his favorite series, but a whole season and we sometimes spend the whole day, the whole weekend in front of the screen.

The idea of ​​a “marathon” series is in itself a good idea when it is punctual, but if it becomes too often, we can quickly burn all his hours in front of the TV. If you have chosen to do a good resolution do you have to watch only one episode per day (or one hour if the episodes are short). It’s a little frustrating, but it will free you a whole bunch of hours to do something else.

5. The resolution to call his relatives

Often during the holidays, we are with his family and we say to ourselves that we do not see them often enough, that we do not hear from them regularly enough. An easy resolution is to take news of at least one loved one a week.

A simple phone call at the end of the week to granny or an email to a friend if you are allergic to the phone. Whatever the means used, what counts is to inform you. The ideal is obviously to see people in real life. Come on, courage, it only makes you 52 brunches, outings to the restaurant, cafes, and 5 to 7 to do in 2018!