10 ideas to move for 10 minutes

10 ideas to move for 10 minutes

10 ideas to move for 10 minutes (and do good)

Splitting our periods of exercise can sometimes be the solution to reconnect with physical activity. These short periods encourage us to multiply them because we quickly feel the beneficial effects. And who does not have a small 10 minutes to move to insert in his schedule. We even offer clever solutions to activate instead of getting impatient … Good plan, is not it?

1. Walk quickly … and often!

The walking is probably the easiest way to move and burn calories. We go out on lunch time (in addition, it allows us to take the air and … a break from the atmosphere of the office (no matter where we go (work, dentist, theater, etc.), we take the habit of parking a little further to integrate the walk to our outings. You can also decide to pick up the children to school on foot and why not stop at the park passing…

2. To dance

Dance is good for our body and our morale. We put on three or four catchy songs and we let ourselves go without hindrance. A way to decompress in times of stress! And to “spend” a little more, we sing full lung. Soothing effect for the rest of our day!

3. Choose the steps instead of the buttons

This is the classic thing: avoid the elevators and favor the stairs. At all times! We improve our cardio and curve our calves. And hop! We go from passive mode to active mode.

4. Work our arms

We take weight (if we do not have one, we take a bottle of water or canned food) and we muscle our arms while we recite the lessons to the children, when we watch the children’s bath, when we is in “hold” mode on the phone, etc.

5. Make TV breaks “bodybuilding”

Accor to a series on television? We take breaks to get moving! We jump in “jumping jack” or heels to the buttocks. We do sit ups or push-ups. A little board, maybe? Casually, if we do it during three series of TV commercials, we will have moved for ten minutes. If we want to train during our show, we enjoy training in 30 minutes.

6. Integrate yoga miniroutines

We embellish our day with short yoga sessions. In the morning, at sunrise, we go slowly. We stretch and wake up our body. In the early afternoon, we find the exercises that energize us and allow us to continue the rest of our day. And for the evening, we go with our favorite poses that unwind the stress accumulated since our dial rang.

7. Muscle her calves

We work our calves on tiptoe while standing upright and thinking about tumming, washing dishes, listening to TV, waiting in line, behind a counter, etc.

8. Do some stretching in front of the computer

During the day, we stop and stretch. This relieves tension [or is prevented!]. We relax our body, we eliminate the stiffness and, suddenly, we feel that our energy circulates better in our body.

9. Return to childhood

And if, from time to time, we fall back to childhood? We take out the hula hoop, the rope to dance, the rubber band and the trampoline. We have fun while burning calories. A wonderful two for one! You can also train in a park doing these easy exercises.

10. Gardening daily

Weep some weeds here and there, plant flowers, maintain flower beds, etc. These are activities that keep you fit and make your yard look better.